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Greg Zederayko

We have been using Kent’s services since 2014 and could not be more pleased with his services, attitude and advice.

Our previous accountants have been part of large accounting firms, and while they crunched the numbers each year, we rarely got much actual guidance and advice on ways to run and improve our business and personal finances. Kent is continually on the lookout for ways that we can improve.

Immediately upon meeting Kent it was obvious that his experience in business and personal finances extends far beyond the number crunching, and covers many aspects of business, economics, human relations and staffing, financial planning and other areas that makes him so very valuable to our business and personal lives.

We use Kent for many types of issues and advice for our electrical engineering company, my personal holding company, and the personal accounting and financial planning for my wife and me. I cannot recommend Kent highly enough. You will be extremely pleased with his efforts and abilities.

And, he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Greg Zederayko, P.Eng.

GP Technologies Ltd. Edmonton

Excalibur Engineering Ltd. Edmonton