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Welcome to Modi Accounting & Tax

Kent is an enthusiastic, mathematically inclined, real world oriented, Chartered Professional Accountant. He has had extensive experience operating successful businesses in BC and Alberta. While accounting has its foundation in journal entries and ledgers, Kent spends most of his time helping owners make the key decisions necessary to ensure their companies grow and thrive. Kent is business advisor.

Being involved in small business at a very young age, his first business was a flooring installation company that he started at the age of 19. After receiving a Bachelor of Commerce (with Distinction) from the University of Alberta, Kent realized that accounting is the language of business and enrolled in the Chartered Accounting School of Business where he obtained a Chartered Accountant designation.

Kent worked in medium/large accounting firms for nearly 7 years where he prepared countless tax returns and learned they myriad of rules and requirements of the CRA. Kent’s focus was privately held companies and he assisted owners in finding optimal tax planning and ensuring all the necessary paperwork was filed with the federal and provincial tax authorities.

Wanting a new challenge, Kent left public accounting and became the Corporate Controller for an engineering firm with 1,800+ employees. As a member of the executive management team, Kent spent the next three years trying to navigate turbulent economic waters (it was 2011/12/13) and grow the company as it rebuilt from the retraction that occurred in 2008/09. In his time there, revenues grew 125% and profits grew exponentially. Kent learned many key aspects of what it takes to succeed in today’s world and how to properly structure teams, locations and when/how to make tough decisions. Thanks to the hard work of many people, the company was sold in 2014 for an exceptional sum.

Having learned a great deal of how to structure a company, how to grow revenues, how to find the staff to do the work, and finally how to sell a profitable business, Kent started his own practice in 2014. He now helps small business utilize some of the key tactics larger companies employ in reaching success.

On a personal note, Kent enjoys squash, triathlons, fishing and spending time with his growing family. Volunteering and being an active member in the community is very important to Kent and he is a part of various annual community based initiatives meant to help those less advantaged.